Friday, January 26, 2018

Catching up... New album on the way!

To continue our theme of "it's been a while since our last update," hello! Apparently, we are among the all time worst at keeping this page up to date. But with the news we have to share and it being 2018 (and all that) maybe we will be better about sharing news. And if not, well, we still exist and are still really bad at updates. 

So it looks like it has been 4 years since we last posted on here. We have been pretty busy in that time, most relevantly working towards writing, recording and releasing our next album. Less relevantly, Mike became a dad of two kids (which inevitably caused delays in our progress but still contributed by expanding the Zevious family). The older one, Baxter, is a big fan and likes to talk about how uncle Johnny plays the bass and cousin Jeff plays the drums. For any other musician parents out there, Mike highly recommends sleep training your small children. Nothing like knowing your kid(s) will sleep all night to get you back into rehearsals/working on music.

As I mentioned, we spent a good few years writing and rehearsing the new material for our upcoming 4th album which we finally recorded in the spring of 2017 with Colin Marston at the Thousand Caves. We are really excited to get the music out into the universe and are getting closer by the day.

I'll have more announcements about the release soon (really). Check back in the coming weeks and prepare for an onslaught of Zevium.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Moving right along...

Haven't updated in a while... the horrible winter seems to finally be breaking here in NYC. As we begin work on our next batch of material, we'll be playing locally and around the northeast for the rest of the year.

March 5th we'll be at the Acheron with black metal bands Mortals and Immortal Birds

In April we'll be with our good friends from Nefarious Industries, El Drugstore and Bangladeafy for a show at our old watering hole Gutter in Williamsburg. More info on that one to follow..


Thursday, October 31, 2013

US Tour with Dysrhythmia

Hey now..

We're about to hit the road with our good pals Dysrhythmia (Jeff is on double duty!!) to support Passing Through the Wall.  The five of us will be pretty much everywhere east of the Mississippi over the next two weeks!

Dates are below on the flyer!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Passing Through the Wall officially released

 Our new album is officially out now!! You can buy it direct from Wayside Music or a digital copy from the Cuneiform bandcamp page

Here's a review from Something Else:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Entanglement Preview

Cuneiform posted a track from our new album Passing through the Wall, which will be out in just a few weeks.

Friday, July 19, 2013

New site //// New album

Hey now,

Welcome to our new site for 2013 and beyond...We plan on updating this regularly (or at least more regularly than our old site) so you'll be able to track our whereabouts more closely than ever before!!

We're excited to announce the release of our forthcoming album Passing Through the Wall, which will be out on Cuneiform Records September 24th. Almost three years worth of work went into the music on the album and we can't wait to pummel you with it!!

We're also psyched to be playing our CD release shows in October with our new friends and labelmates Sonar from Switzerland.  We'll be playing with them at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn and also down in Baltimore at Orion Studios, alongside Carlos Guillen and his project Expanding Man. 

Also a fall tour is currently in the works with our good friends Dysrhythmia. More details to follow. Stay tuned!